Spark Training

What is Spark Training?

Apache Spark is an open-source parallel processing framework for running large-scale data analytics applications across clustered computers. It can handle both batch and real-time analytics and data processing workloads.Spark training from qshore

About Spark:

Spark is a unique framework for big data analytics which gives one unique integrated API by developers for the purpose of data scientists and analysts to perform separate tasks. It supports a wide range of popular languages like Python, R, SQL, Java and Scala. Apache Spark main aim is to provide hands-on experience to create real-time Data Stream Analysis and large-scale learning solutions for data scientists, data analysts and software developers.

What is Apache Spark used for?

Apache Spark is open source, general-purpose distributed computing engine used for processing and analyzing a large amount of data. Just like Hadoop MapReduce, it also works with the system to distribute data across the cluster and process the data in parallel.

What is the difference between Hadoop and Spark?

In fact, the key difference between Hadoop MapReduce and Spark lies in the approach to processing: Spark can do it in-memory, while Hadoop MapReduce has to read from and write to a disk. As a result, the speed of processing differs significantly – Spark may be up to 100 times faster.Spark training in gachibowli

Pre-requisites of the Course

Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming is enough Knowledge of Scala will be an added advantage.
Learners who have basic knowledge of Database, SQL Query will be an added advantage for Learning this Course.

Who should do the Spark course?

Developers, Architects, IT Professionals
Software Engineers, Data scientists, and Analysts

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About Instructors

Mr.Mahendra Narayana

Mr.Mahendra Narayana
Offline Course
Duration : 40 Hours
Material : Yes
Live Project : Yes
Software : Yes
3000 Students Enrolled
Course Completion Certificate

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