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Automation is the key to future businesses. From the time computers were invented, programmers have tried to leverage the compute technology as far as they can reach. Today, if we see the technologies around us, automation ranges from complex tasks like flying air-crafts to doing simple tasks like calculating numbers. Today, we are going to talk about what is Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Qshore offers RPA Training is provided with a blend of academic learning and various practice sessions to give the students optimum exposure to enhance ROI.The entire course curriculum is designed by the Industry Expertise as per the latest IT trends with the main aim of advanced robotics course content and syllabus based on the Professional requirements of the aspirants. State of art infrastructure is provided to the audience to perform hands-on exercises and real-world simulations.

Learn RPA Training in Gachibowli|Hyderabad at Qshore Technologies and start your journey into the Automation industry.Qshore Technologies is the most reputed RPA Training Institute in Kondapur|Hyderabad that delivers both Online and Classroom Robotics Training to gain theoretical and practical skills to face real-world challenges.

who should take this program?

on (RPA) training course will be suitable for:  

Fresh Graduates

BI Professionals

Digital Marketing Professionals

Flowchart Designers

Executive Analysts

IT Professionals

Automation Learners

Anyone who wants to make a career in robotics.

What types of jobs are ideal for RPA with UiPath certified professionals?
Robotic process automation certified professionals are responsible for comprehending the existing business process of an organization and how to implement RPA to achieve optimum results. Jobs that are ideal for RPA with Uipath certified professionals include:

Process designer
UiPath developer
RPA developer
RPA consultant
RPA architect


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       What is Process?

       What is Business Process?

       Different Types of Business Process (TP, IP, RP, CP)

       What is Business Process Management?

        Blue Prism
        Automation Anywhere
        Work fusion

          History of blueprism
          Advantages of blueprism
          Disadvantages of blueprism
          Configuration of blueprism
          Creating Databases
          Creating users and assigning rolls
          Managing User Roles as per Project Requirements
          Create Database

          Control Room
          Releases/ Release Management

            Introduction to Object Studio
            Different Stages in Object Studio
            Creating Basic Objects
            Calling Process to Object Studio
            Calling one Action to another Action in Object
            Data Types in blueprism 
            Exposure of Data Items
            Accessing data items from one Action to another Object
            Publishing Actions

              How to Run the Process (Slow,Medium,Fast)

              Debugging (Step, Step over, Step out)

                What is Process Studio?
                Different Stages in Process Studio
                How to call Objects in Process Studio
                Publish Process in Control Room
                Calling one Process to another Process

                  What is Control Room?
                  Different components in Control room (Session Management, Queue Management, Schedule Management )
                  How to run the process from session Management
                  What is session Variables in Control Room
                  What is Queue Management?
                  How can you pass the data in Queues
                  Advantages in Queue Management
                  What is Schedule Management?
                  How to Schedule the process to run

                    What is Dash Board?
                    How to generate
                    Personal Dash Boards
                    Creating Global Dash Boards
                    Customize the Dash Board

                      What is Release?
                      Releasing the process
                      Advantages with Releases


                        What is System?
                        Different components in Create,

                        delete and Manage environment variables
                        Create and manage work queues
                        Manage users, credential and password options
                        Manage process logs, object logs, audit logs, statistics, etc..
                        Manage the licenses fonts and resourcing

                          Handling emails (Gmail,yahoo,outlook)
                          Handling Web Services
                          Handling Surface Automation
                          Handling Data Bases (SQL,Oracle)
                          Exception Handling
                          Handling Mouse Moments
                          Handling Web Tables

                            Collection Manipulation

                              Resume Preparation
                              Project Explanation
                              Interview Guidance

                            About Instructors


                            Offline Course
                            Duration : 30 Hours
                            Material : Yes
                            Live Project : Yes
                            Software : Yes
                            3000 Students Enrolled
                            Course Completion Certificate

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