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By Mr.Srinivas (9+ Years Of Exp)

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Welcome to Google's Python online tutorial. It is based on the introductory Python course offered internally. Originally created during the Python 2.4 days, we've tried to keep the content universal and exercises relevant, even for newer releases. As mentioned on the setup page, this material covers Python 2. While we recommend "avoiding" Python 3 for now, recognize that it is the future, as all new features are only going there. The good news is that developers learning either version can pick up the other without too much difficulty. If you want to know more about choosing Python 2 vs. 3, check out this post.

We strongly recommend you follow along with the companion videos throughout the course, starting with the first one. If you're seeking a companion MOOC course, try the ones from Udacity and Coursera (intro to programming[beginners] or intro to Python), and if you're looking for a companion book to your learning, regardless of your Python skill level, check out these reading lists. Finally, if you're seeking self-paced online learning withoutwatching videos, try the ones listed towards the end of this post — each feature learning content as well as a Python interactive interpreter you can practice with. What's this "interpreter" we mention? You'll find out in the next section!

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Here you can download the course and schedule for Python Download PDF

    Understanding the Open source

    Installation of python in Linux/windows.

    Understanding Interpreters

    * ipython

    * bpython

    Getting started with Python.

    Setting up the IDE and various IDEs.

    Setting up using the PEP-8 .

    * Indentation.

    * Tabs or spaces.

    * Maximum line length.

    * Blank lines.

    * Source file Encoding.

    creating the first python program.

    * understanding sha-bang.

    * understanding the .py extension.

    How to run thePYTHON PROGRAM

    Introduction to data types.

    Type casting in python.

    Various ways of printing.

    Boolean operators.

    Playing with numbers.

    Playing with strings.

    * String quotes.

    * Raw strings.

    Doc string & comments.

    Accepting inputs.

    • Conditional statements

    * Introduction

    * Boolean expressions

    * Logical Operators

    * Using If condition

    * Pass

    * Applying PEP-8 standards.

    • Looping statements

    * for

    * while

    * range

    * break

    * continue

    * What are lists?

    * Mutable lists.

    * In operator.

    * Traversing a list.

    * List operations.

    * Indexing.

    * Slicing.

    * converting a list to string.

    * converting a string to list.

    * Aliasing in lists.

    * Functions in lists.

    * What is tuples.

    * Indexing in tuples.

    * slicing in tuples.

    * Immutable tuples.

    * Packing and unpacking.

    * Lists and tuples.

    * Functions in tuples.

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