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Selenium + Core Java

By Mr.Kishore (14+ years of Exp)

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Best Selenium Training in Hyderabad

Selenium is an open-source and a portable automated software testing tool for testing web applications. It has capabilities to operate across different browsers and operating systems. Selenium is not just a single tool but a set of tools that helps testers to automate web-based applications more efficiently. Let us now understand each one of the tools available in the Selenium suite and their usage.


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    What is automation testing?
    Different types of Automation Tools
    1. Functional Testing Tools
    2. Test Management Tools    
    3. Performance Testing Tools                                                  
       Advantages of automation testing?
       Disadvantages of automation testing?

    What is selenium?
     History of selenium
     Advantages of Selenium
     Disadvantages of Selenium
     Difference between selenium and QTP

    Selenium IDE
     Selenium RC
     Selenium Web Driver
     Selenium Grid

    Introduction to IDE
     Installation of IDE
     Selenium IDE Architecture
     Record and Playback user interactions in IDE
     Analysing results in IDE
     What is Element/Object
     Element locators in application
    1. ID
    2. Class
    3. Name
    4. Xpath
    5. Linktext
    6. Tagname
    7. CSS
    8. DOM
     Identifying element locators using IDE
     What is Firebug
     Installation of FirebugIdentifying locators of elements using firebug
     Responsibility of the Automation Tester
     What is Business Operations and Validations in Automation testing
     How selenium will Identify Elements in application

     Assertions(Verify, Assert and Waitfor)
     Accessors (Store Commands)
     Difference Between Verify, Assert and Waitfor
     Designing Selenium IDE Scripts Manually using commands
     Converting Selenium IDE Scripts into various formats (RC, Webdriver)
     Increase or decrease default time in IDE
     Real time example for test Script
     Advantages of Selenium IDE
     Disadvantages of Selenium IDE

     Introduction to java
     History of Java
     Features of java
     Installation of JDK
     How java Works
     Set up path and class path
     Structure of java program
     Naming conventions in java
     Design, Compile and execute first java program through command prompt
     Analyzing the output in command prompt
     Operators in java
     Data types in java
     Output statements in java
     Conditional statements in java

    What is eclipse

    ? Different IDE’s for java in market

    ? Downloading eclipse

    Creating java project in eclipse

    What is workspace in eclipse

    Eclipse architecture

    Creating package, class in eclipse

    Designing and executing java program in eclipse

    Analyse the results in console

     Looping statements in java
     Arrays in java
     Commenting in java
     String functions in java
     Variables in java
     Methods in java
     Static and Non static members
     Methods with Arguments
     Access Specifiers in java
     Constructors in java
     Exception handling in java
     Collections in java

    Introduction to OOPS




     Packages in Java




     Abstraction in java

    Introduction to Selenium RC
     Configuration of Selenium server with Eclipse
     Introduction to DefaultSelenium class
     DefaultSelenium Arguments
     First Program in Selenium RC
     Browser Commands in Selenium RC
     Business Operation commands in RC
     Validation commands in RC
     Designing Test Scripts in Selenium RC
     Real time example by covering all the commands in RC

    Introduction to Web Driver
     Advantages of Web Driver
     Configuration of Web Driver in Eclipse
     Handling different browsers in Web Driver
    1. Firefox
    2. Chrome
    3. IE
     Browser commands in Web Driver
     Working with different browsers Add-ins
    1. Debug bar
    2. Firebug Lite
     How Web Driver Identify elements
     Business operation commands in Web Driver
     Accessing RC commands in Web Driver
     Validation commands in Web Driver
     Web Elements
     Handling Alert Messages in Web Driver
     Working with XPATH
     Handling Mouse movements, Key Board operations
     Reusable Methods for Validations
     Working with Similar elements (No of links, images, list boxes..)
     Data Driven Testing (Excel, Notepad, Console and Database)
     Working with Web Tables
     Handling File uploads and downloads using AutoIT
     Working with multiple windows
     Capturing Screenshots
     Synchronization Point
     Handling frames in Application


    What is Framework
     How it’s important in Automation testing
     Different types of frameworks supporting by selenium
     Built in Frameworks
     User Defined Frameworks


    What is Junit Framework
     Why it’s useful for selenium
     Configuring Junit.jar file with eclipse
     What is Annotation
     Different types of annotations in Junit
     Design basic Junit test
     Ignore tests in Junit
     Design real time Junit tests


    introduction to TestNG
     Advantages of TestNG
     installing TestNG in eclipse
     Difference between Junit and TestNG
     Different annotations in TestNG
     Different Assertions in TestNG
     Design basic TestNG test using all annotations
     Analyzing TestNG results in various formats like HTML, XML and Emailable.
     Prioritize the script execution in TestNG
     Design real time TestNG tests
     Execute individual TestNG tests
     Executing multiple TestNG tests as a suite through XML file

     What is User Defined Framework
     Different Types of Frameworks
     Factors to consider to decide framework
     Linear Framework
     Data Driven Framework
     Keyword/Modular Framework
     Hybrid Driven Framework
     Framework Folder structure
     Different folders in Hybrid Framework
     Diff Class files in Hybrid Framework
     Test Script design in Hybrid Framework
     Test script execution in Framework
     Analyzing results and reporting defects


    What is Maven and why Maven ?
     Installation of Maven with eclipse
     Setting up the maven project in eclipse
     What is Group ID and Artifact ID
     What is POM.xml file
     Structure of POM.xml file
     What is dependency in POM.xml file
     How to add dependencies in POM.xml file

    How to configure build in Maven
    Introduction to Maven central Repository
    Designing Real time TestNG Tests using Maven

    Brief introduction about selenium grid 1 and grid 2
     Diff between Selenium Grid 1 vs Grid 2
     What is grid hub and node , Configuration
     Customizing the browser count during configuration of node
     RemoteWebDriver and DesiredCapabilities
     Running tests with FF, IE and Chrome browsers using grid
     Running Single, Multiple tests with Single node
     Running tests with Multiple nodes using testng xml
     Running tests Sequential and Parallel with Multiple nodes

    Introduction about Page Object Model
     Why Page Object Model?
     Building pages using Page Object Model
     Running tests
     Page Factory class
     Building Page classes using Page Factory
     Running tests

    Intro about Source Code Management
     Configure SVN Repository, SVN Clients
     Check-in & Check-out with Tortoise SVN
     Eclipse Plug-in for SVN client
     Check-in and Checkout code with eclipse
     Configure SVN in Jenkins

    Introduction about Continuous Integration
     Role of Jenkins is Application development process
     Configuration of Jenkins, Manage Plug-ins, Admin Security system
     Walkthrough of Jenkins UI
     Creation of Jobs, Scheduling jobs
     Configure Email notifications for Automation Reports and builds status
     Creation and running selenium maven projects from local machine
     Creation and running Selenium Projects from Source Code Management (SCM)


    Introduction to log4j
     How to solve logging problem with log4j
     Integrate log4j in selenium
     Different type of appenders in log4j


     Introduction to mobile automation
     Introduction to Appium
     Appium installation and configuration
     Executing the scripts on mobiles and emulators

    What is Robot or Bot?
    What is Automation?
    What is RPA?
    Advantages of RPA
    Disadvantages of RPA
    When to implement RPA?
    What is Scope for RPA

    Implementation/ improvements

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